Review: ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

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December 10, 2022

Review: hause Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Even more essential than makeup, skincare is one of the most crucial components of my routine. Always start with skincare since if your skin is unhealthy, it will dislike your makeup much more. I therefore enjoy taking care of my skin. I use my favorite products every morning and evening, and occasionally I go the additional mile to really benefit my skin. I enjoy using tools for that at times. The Hause Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is one such gadget that I’ll be discussing with you today. It is a scrubber with four settings that can be used to clean and refresh your skin. Wish to learn more? then continue reading!

The container

I received the package in approximately two weeks. Given that it is transported worldwide, a little time is required. I was genuinely astonished when an envelope contained it came. I hadn’t realized how much smaller the package was. However, due to the excellent packaging, the two-week delivery only caused a little ding in one corner of the box. The actual product is presented in a lovely, compact box that has a very contemporary appearance. It’s a great size, the colors are fantastic, and it clearly illustrates the purpose of the item. This packaging is really nice.

The methods

You can find all the details about this skin scrubber on the back of the package. Ultrasonic mode, Ion+ mode, Ion- mode, and EMS mode are its four settings. These are all used for various purposes. For a rapid clean, use the ultrasonic mode. It assists in cleaning up your pores and preparing your skin for the absorption of skincare products. This mode can be used every day. To deeply exfoliate your skin, utilize the ion+ mode. It causes ions to leave your skin, carrying all the deeply ingrained dirt with them. So, the purpose of this is to effectively remove any debris from within your pores.Because you don’t want to over-exfoliate, this mode can be used two or three times per week. The ion-mode accomplishes the exact opposite by causing ions to enter your skin.  as The EMS mode is designed to rejuvenate the skin. It emits pulses at regular intervals, which stimulate collagen synthesis. This will remove wrinkles and help the skin become tighter.The material
Four objects are within the box when it is opened. Of course, the skin scrubber is the first thing you’ll see. Along with this scrubber, you’ll also get a travel bag, a charging cable, and a manual. The travel bag has a sweet mint color and is quite comfortable. You will always have everything you need with you if you need to go anywhere because it conveniently stores the scrubber and the charging wire. The scrubber’s addition is really useful. Simple micro-USB charger is all that the charging cable is. The battery can be fully charged in around 2 hours, and the device may be used constantly for 50 minutes. So you just need to charge it once a day if you use it for 5 minutes.ultrasonic peeling machine.

The Sonic Skin Cleanser

I went with white since it has a slight iridescent sheen to it. The spatula is covered by a cap on the scrubber so you can store it cleanly. The scrubber is really light and fits in the hand very comfortably. It is quite simple to use. There is a power button and wording that denotes the four modes on the scrubber. When you switch it on, the mode that is now active will have a red light next to it. By firmly pushing the power button, you can change modes. Simply hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn the gadget off.The device also turns off automatically after about five minutes.

the encounter

Naturally, I have used every option that this device has to offer. The ultrasonic mode will be the first one we discuss. I kept my skin wet because that’s what you need to do for this mode (and the ion+ mode). You then gradually slide the spatula away from the center of your face as you pass it over your face (as shown in the picture above). My skin felt incredibly clean thanks to this mode. Every other evening, after washing my face, I prefer to rub this over my entire face to remove any remaining dirt.Your face must also be damp while utilizing the ion+ mode. In order to avoid friction burns. The device does, in fact, occasionally feel a little warm to the touch, but that’s just from all the vibrations. Keep your face wet, and you won’t experience any issues. I love using this ion+ mode because it effectively removes the debris from my pores. To thoroughly clean my pores, I use this once a week on my T-zone. This does a good job of removing the texture that I have in my T-zone. The sight of the dirt vibrating out of my pores is so disgusting but also so gratifying.

To aid my skin’s absorption of my serum and moisturizer, I utilize the ion-mode many times per week. With this setting, massaging your face is incredibly pleasant. It simply feels wonderful on the skin and gives the impression that I am receiving a facial at a spa. It’s a pleasant encounter.

My least favorite mode is the EMS mode. It emits pulsed vibrations, which are uncomfortable for my skin. On a sizable portion of my face, it stings intensely and occasionally even hurts. The fact that I don’t yet have wrinkles or other problems to get rid of may explain why I haven’t noticed much improvement as a result of this option.

The outcome

In conclusion, this ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is a pretty good, reasonably priced tool to pamper your skin a little more. It is a pleasant experience, incredibly portable, and very light and simple to use. I think I got my money’s worth because I use these frequently and enjoy using three of the four settings quite a bit. You never know, the EMS mode might be useful to you as well. I simply know that using this skin scrubber to remove excess texture and clean my skin has been quite helpful. Additionally, massaging your face with it is quite pleasant. This ultrasonic skin scrubber is fantastic. I appreciate you reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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