7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask



Wireless LED Beauty Mask ,7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask

Also called ;Photon Rejuvenation Firming Skin, Anti Wrinkle LED Mask ,Face Care Device,7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask.Using LED light treatment to improve skin
LED light therapy is utilized by Silk’n LED Face Mask 100. (Light Emitting Diode). The use of this therapy in skin care is on the rise, despite the fact that it was originally created to speed wound healing. And that is not surprising given that studies have shown that LED light may mend tissue and encourages cell division and the generation of new cells. For this reason, skin clinics all over the world utilize it to enhance the condition of the skin, such as to fight skin aging. Utilizing the Silk’n LED Face Mask 100, you can now give yourself these well-known treatments at home!

  • Brand Name: Hause
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Function: Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Mouisture,Anti-acne,Anti Wrinkle,Whitening
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Type: LED Mask Facial
  • Item Type: 7 Colors LED Photon Therapy Mask
  • Feature-1: Rechargeable Battery Face LED Mask
  • Feature-2: Facial LED Phototherapy Beauty Mask
  • Feature-3: LED Mask Skin Care Beauty Machine
  • Feature-4: Ergonomically LED Facial Mask
  • Feature-5: LED Mask Face Skin Therapy Device
  • Feature-6: Portable Facial LED Mask Brighten Skin
  • Function-1: Skin Tighten LED Photon Therapy Mask
  • Function-2: Anti Wrinkle Anging LED Photon Therapy Mask
  • Function-3: Shrink Pores LED Phototherapy Mask
  • Function-4: LED Light Treatment Skin Care Beauty Equipment

Wireless LED Beauty Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask Photon Rejuvenation Firming Skin Anti Wrinkle LED Mask Face Care Device

Enhancing skin using LED light therapy

Utilize LED light to improve the appearance of your skin! The most recent development in skin care is the Silk’n LED Face Mask 100. Among other things, it operates with red, blue, yellow, and purple LED light to combat skin aging, acne, and dry skin. Are you prepared to make your skin appear better?


Item Type: Facial LED Mask
Color: White
Material: ABS
Weight: 290g
Power: 12W 5V
Light: 86*3 LEDs
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Using time: about 1.5hours
Size: 24*19cm/9.45*7.48in

Product Include

1*Main Machine


1.100% Brand new and high quality
2.Ergonomically designed to fit the face and feel comfortable.
3.Made of medical silica gel, which is non-irritating to human tissues, non-toxic, non-allergic, and has good physical and chemical properties.
4.Multiple functions: tighten pores, increase oxygen, and repair skin.
5.Light weight, 290g, no burden on face, comfortable and painless.Use it, you can stand, sit or lie down.
6.Fully charged in 2-3 hours, can work about 1.5hours.
7.When charging, the red light flashes; when fully charged, the red light is always on.

Light Function

1.Red light(630nm):Improve skin, rejuvenate,dilute wrinkle,and deep repair
2.Blue light(470nm):Calms skin, balances secretion,and controls oil
3.Yellow light(590nm):Decomposes pigments, detoxifies lymph, and improves roughness
4.Green light(520nm):Balance water and oil, soothe the spirit, balance and stability
5.Purple light:Treat acne, remove acne marks
6.Cyan light:Metabolism, and enhance energy
7.Laser:Break down stains, improve fine lines and speed up metabolism


1.Must not be used when charging, otherwise it will cause a short circuit.
2.You will not see the effect immediately, it will take some time to repair your skin, so please continue to use and wait patiently(If you want a better mask effect, it is recommended that you also use professional related skin care products. LED lights will promote the absorption of skin care products and enhance the effectiveness of skin care products, then the effect is better)
3.Do not look directly at the LED light, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable.
4.People who can not use this mask: pregnant women, children, people with thyroid disease, mild allergies, the use of drugs can cause allergies.

7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask
7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask




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