Hause’ Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler

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December 9, 2022

Hause’ Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler

The Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler makes curling your hair hassle-free. For quick and simple style, our curling tool has a special automatic rotating ceramic and ionic barrel. You can produce perfect curls and waves with the push of a button. Rotate your hands both left and right to ensure uniform and consistent style. Suitable for all hair types, with temperature settings that can be changed between 150°C and 210°C. Progloss Oils are infused to produce smooth hairstyles with outstanding shine. For flexible and relaxing styling, it has a 3m salon-swivel cable. Heat-resistant silicone pad is supplied.

Automated ROTATING BARREL – Styling your hair is simplified with the automatic rotating barrel. Whether you want undefined curls or waves,The custom options enable you to create a wide range of hairstyles. Hair is softly dragged into the curling chamber automatically, where it is gently heated to create lovely curls and waves. Select the left or right rotation buttons to switch your curls’ directions.

Custom temperature settings for various hair types and textures are available, with quick variable temperature control ranging from 150°C to 210°C.

PRECISE STYLING AND STUNNING SHINE – This distinctive hair curler will always guarantee hairstyles that shine, whether you desire Hause’ hair curls or delicate waves. This hair curler contains a special blend of Keratin, Argan Oil, and Coconut Oil from Progloss Super Smooth Oils.

What to do

Take a part of hair that is about 2-3 cm wide. If you use larger sections, the curling mechanism may become stuck.
As you drag a part of your hair through to the side of the curling barrel, make sure the buttons and temperature settings on the front of the styler are facing in the direction of your head.
Keep the hair strand to one side of the curling barrel when feeding your hair section through the styler. If your hair section is split across both sides of the barrel or over the top of the barrel, inconsistent styling may result.
Depending on whether you want your curls to face your face or away from it, switch the styler’s direction between the left and right rotation buttons.

Feed a hair strand into the barrel’s side and use the left/right rotating button to style the right side of the head (left for outwards curls and right for inwards curls)
Feed a hair strand into the barrel’s side and use the left/right rotating button to style the left side of the head (right for outwards curls and left for inwards curls)
When styling the back of your head, use extra caution to make sure the styling tool is still pointed in the right direction.

The hair will automatically wrap itself around the heated barrel by pressing and holding the curling button. Hold the button down until you hear the beep and the hair has been wrapped around the barrel. It takes 10 seconds for the curling device to cease and stop emitting a beep, which is long enough to curl typical hair. Release the button after hearing the sound, then wait for the barrel to stop revolving before removing the curling iron from your hair. To release the curl when the curling motor has stopped, always pull the product downward. Repeat for every part of hair, giving every curl a chance to cool in between.
After usage, turn the appliance off, disconnect it, and let it cool before putting it away.

Risks and Precautions

Make sure to hold the curling iron with the buttons facing you while curling your own hair.
To release the curl when the curling motor has stopped, always pull the product downward.
If too much hair is put into the barrel, the device could jam; in this scenario, it would turn off on its own. Simply turn the product back on after releasing the hair by pulling it down.
When in use, please use caution as the product can reach very high temperatures. To prevent burns, make sure to stay away from the skin and scalp. Never try to touch the hot barrel or stick your fingers through the product’s deeper aperture at the back.

vital information

At the press of a button, a glossy Hollywood curl and wave barrel rotates automatically.
Variable ultra-fast heat from 150°C to 210°C for various hair types that is ready to style in a matter of seconds
Create varied curl and wave styles by adjusting the time you hold the button down for looser or tighter curls.
Rotation to the right and left for simple curls on each side of the head
For maximum smoothness, utilize ProglossTM ultra smooth oils Keratin, Argan, and Coconut infused ceramic plates and barrel.
Ionic and ceramic barrel
rapid heat-up and heat-recovery times
Swivel cable, 3 m
Global Voltage
heat-resistant silicone mat
Two Year Warranty

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