Cordless Hair Dryer Review 2022 : Full product details

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December 10, 2022

Cordless Hair Dryer Review 2022 : Full product details

Are you seeking for a powerful yet portable cordless hair dryer?

Drying your hair can be really difficult if there isn’t a socket nearby. Additionally, you used to have to use a towel and leave if you had children and wanted to dry their hair after a day at the beach. No longer! Finally, a blow dryer that runs on batteries may offer you or your kids completely dry locks without the need for a plug-in. But does it actually function?

See what we thought of the Hause Cordless Hair Dryer!

Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer Review

A cordless hair dryer is not necessary.
There are numerous occasions throughout life when having a cordless hair dryer available would be ideal. Listed below are some scenarios in which a battery-operated blow dryer would be useful:

RVing or camping with insufficient power
washing up at the gym
homes that frequently lose power
Using a communal bathroom when staying at a home
Vacations at the beach
Pets drying off Settings
The Lylux offers three fan speed options (Low, Medium, and High, as you would have guessed!) and two heat settings (Low-Warm and Cool).

a battery’s life
Because the Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer charges quickly (80% in 30 minutes and 100% in 50 minutes), there is less waiting before styling can start.

Longevity: The battery lasts roughly 8 minutes in the Low-Warm setting at the fastest fan speed. And the battery can endure for an astounding 38 minutes if you wish to use it without any heat!

Themes & Comfort
I adore how simple the Lylux is made! It somewhat reminds me of a Dyson hair dryer.

The Lylux weighs 1.4 lbs, making it significantly heavier than wired hair dryers in terms of comfort—something to take into account if portability is vital to you.


I almost always keep the magnetic “concentrator” nozzle on that the Lylux comes with (since it gives me better control over where the air flows, and it seems to make my hair dry faster).

It also includes a tiny black drawstring pouch that can be used to transport it, say, on a trip.

How Effective Is the Cordless Hair Dryer?

The cordless hair dryer truly does work, although it takes me a little longer to dry my hair because it doesn’t get as hot as the regular AC powered one. Also keep in mind that this dryer can reach its highest temperature  is 131° F, which is enough to dry—but not style—your hair. One bonus of the lower temperature, is that the Lylux is safer to use on children and pets.

Summary of Cordless Hair Dryer Review
Overall, the Lylux cordless hair dryer is a fantastic tool for mobile users. day 

However, there isn’t much of a need to switch to a cordless blow dryer if you don’t have children, don’t intend to go camping or to the beach. However, this gadget is quite useful if you are a parent or a regular traveler.

The greatest rechargeable blow dryer is now at your disposal.And if you are looking for an easier way to use the blow dryer you already have, check out my review of the Best Hair Dryer Holder And Hair Dryer Stand, which lets you dry your hair hands free!

I hope you enjoyed this cordless hair dryer review, and happy drying!

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