Ultimate Hair Salon Equipment List 2022

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December 10, 2022

Ultimate Hair Salon Equipment List 2022

The decision to purchase professional salon equipment is a significant one when starting your own salon business.

Although the majority of hairdressers already have some basic equipment, running a full-service salon requires more than a few shears and a hair  blow dryer. Your ability to deliver a premium customer experience, develop your brand, and even command greater prices is all aided by investing in high-quality, useful equipment.

The majority of newly opened salons also don’t have an infinite budget for stocking up on products. Prioritize essentials over luxuries while you’re just getting started and concentrate on the tools you’ll need to generate cash flow. Keep in mind that as your company expands, you can always buy more hair salon products.

List of 2022 hair salon equipment

We’ve outlined the necessary equipment for a professional barbershop or beauty salon in our checklist for hair salons. You may require more or less goods depending on the services you intend to provide, but this PDF checklist contains all the essential equipment for your brand-new hair salon.

Salon Fundamentals

You’ll probably have one or more empty rooms when you buy or rent your new salon space. Your choice of furniture will turn the room from a barren canvas into a bustling hair salon!

Look for sturdy, well-made things, and think about buying gently-used items because these larger pieces are typically some of the biggest line items in a new salon’s budget.

used salon equipment

($500 to $6000) Reception desk
Chairs for the waiting area ($50 to $110 per chair)
Tables in the waiting area ($150 to $500 per table)
($200 to $1000) Styling station
($265 – $850) Shampoo station/backwash unit
Salon chairs cost $200 to $1000 each.
($150–$450) Salon cart or trolley
Racking for retail displays ($65 to $1500)
($225 to $3000) Lighting
$2,000 to $5300 for a washing machine and dryer for towels

Tools for Salon Styling 2.

The magic happens right here! A wide variety of shears, razors, combs, and other cutting tools should be readily available so that you can select the APPROPRIATE tool for each style and approach. You could also be able to avoid health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries that can ruin your career.

Don’t scrimp on shear quality- when it comes to your art, you get what you pay for. The foundation of your business is your talents and toolkit, therefore invest in items of craftsman-quality that will let you continue to produce your best work for years to come. The Sam Villa Essential Series collection is the best option for salon owners and inexperienced stylists on a tight budget.

$150–675 for a short straight shear for precise detail work
($150–$1125) Long straight shear for dry cutting and blunt cuts
Shear for subtle blending/thinning ($250–$525 range)
Shear for texturizing ($250 – $525)
Shears with a point ($250–$525 range)
Blades and razors cordless trimmers ($40 to $160)
(30–55) Shear storage case
Shear upkeep equipment ($9 to $30)
Set of cutting combs ($25–$50)
(80–200) Styling brush set

3. Salon equipment and supplies

More than just a pair of scissors are needed for a superb haircut and style. A prestige experience is delivered and customer comfort is ensured in your chair by using professional salon products. Remember that some of these materials may need to be replenished frequently.

Apron for stylists ($12 to $30)
Cape for cutting ($15 – $35)
Multiple-size towels for salons ($10 to $25)
($7 to $20) Hand mirror
($5–$10) Sectioning clips
($5 to $15) misting spray bottle
Jar of disinfectant ($16–$30)
($5–$18) salon latex gloves
Product for styling ($80 to $300)

4. Electric Salon Tools

Offering finishing and color treatments could expand your clientele and strengthen the reputation of your salon. Make sure you have a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron or wand that are at the very least of salon grade. Your customer and service list will determine what additional electric tools you require.

($150 – $700) Hood dryer
(80-400) Professional blow dryer
Nozzles for blow dryers ($14 to $30)
($40 – $350) Flat iron
$25 to $150 for a curling iron or wand
Iron for crimping ($25 to $150)
$50 to $200 for a hair clipper
$50 to $200 for a hair trimmer

5. Marketing and management tools for salons

The business part of owning a salon is often neglected by new entrepreneurs, yet it’s just as crucial as offering excellent hair services. Specialized software and tools are necessary for staying organized, collecting payments, monitoring your money, and successfully marketing your firm.

Computer for businesses ($1200 to $3500)
($50 to $200) Business phone
Software for scheduling hair salons ($60 – $325 annually)
($200 to $500) Salon Point of Sale (POS) system
Reminder cards for appointments or for business ($30 to $45)
Ring light for social media sharing of client images ($50 – $130)

6. How much does hair salon equipment cost?

It goes without saying that starting a hair salon can be expensive. Depending on your market, services provided, target audience, salon brand (cheap, medium, or high end), and the supplies you already have on hand, equipment costs might vary substantially.

Look at the price sheet and checklist for hair salon equipment below to get a rough idea of how much it will cost to operate a salon. Any line items that do not pertain to your company can be removed. You can anticipate spending anything between $7,668 and $32,663 on equipment for your hair shop to cover all of the startup tools and supplies specified.Ultimately, an investment in quality equipment is an investment in your future as a stylist– one that could pay dividends for many years to come. Choosing professional equipment will help you attract– and retain– good clients while building a salon business you love.

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