How Hair Dryer Works | A Step By Step Guide

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December 9, 2022

We virtually always use a hairdryer in our daily lives. But have you ever given a hair dryer’s operation more thought? This appliance, which was first made available in the 1920s, works by blowing hot or cold air over wet hair to assist it fast evaporate. So it comes as no surprise that a hair dryer is occasionally referred to as a blow dryer.

Evaporation and relative humidity are the key principles behind how your hair dryer operates. Confused? Really, it’s very easy. The quantity of water vapor or moisture in the air is measured as relative humidity.

Heat causes the air around us to be able to hold more water vapor (this is why those hot summer months feel so claustrophobic and sticky).And as it can hold more moisture, water tends to evaporate faster.  

How does this relate to your hair dryer, though?

It assists in warming the environment around your wet hair. As a result, it can store more moisture, which causes your hair’s water to evaporate more quickly.

a hair dryer’s mechanism
We need to know what a blow dryer comprises before we can explain how it works on hair in detail.

hair dryer components and usage

A hair drier is made up of both big and small pieces, in theory. The heating element and the fan, however, are the two most crucial ones.
The heating element in the majority of hair dryers is nichrome wire. Nickel and chromium are two metals that are combined to form the alloy nichrome.

Now, the most important task for this heating element is to heat the dryer’s interior air.

It serves as a resistor or a gadget that transforms electrical energy into heat energy. Hair dryers had copper wires even a few years ago. Nichrome, however, is a much superior and safer material.

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